Discover the beauty of Currituck Mainland.

Serene Beauty, Rich Heritage, Unspoiled

Currituck, on North Carolina's mainland, contrasts the Outer Banks with its rural charm and natural splendor. It's a nature lover's paradise, featuring the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge and scenic trails, enriched by historical sites like the Currituck Courthouse and the Whalehead Club.

While offering serene water activities like kayaking and fishing, Currituck also delights with its local Southern and seafood cuisine, agri-tourism, and golfing experiences. The region's unique shopping, especially in antiques and crafts, further adds to its appeal, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a quieter, more authentic experience away from the typical tourist spots.

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From north to south: Moyock, Sligo, Shawboro, Currituck, Maple, Barco, Coinjock, Aydlett, Poplar Branch, Grandy, Jarvisburg, Powells Point, Spot, Harbinger and Point Harbor.

Gibbs Woods is accessed by driving north through Virginia. Knotts Island is accessed by driving north through Viriginia or by a 45-minute ferry ride from the dock near the Historic Currituck Courthouse across the Currituck Sound. The ferry schedule is available on the NC Department of Transportation website: